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What is the Au Pair in China Program?

You can choose to stay from 3 months to a maximum of 12 months in China. We provide placement in China’s main cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou,Shenzhen, Qingdao, Wuhan, etc. You work as a language tutor for children in a host family, speak English or your native language and do activities like playing music, drawing, painting, outdoor sports, cycling, walking in the park, etc, you do not have to do housework because most of our families do not need you as domestic help at all. This is definitely not nanny work. Read more...

Now available in all countries!

We provide the au pair’s service for free. Are we crazy? No. This is a win-win situation between you and the host family. Nowadays in China, many well educated, middle class families are planning to improve their children’s education, instead of emigrating, they are willing to pay for a language tutor or Au Pair from a developed country to be a brother or sister to their children and to coach them in a second language and sports or music.

Benefits you gain

Explore China, which has 5000 years of history!

Gain maturity & confidence by living abroad.

Enjoy Chinese food! And learn Chinese Kong Fu?

Make friends that will help and inspire you.

International experience and more opportunities!

Learn more about Chinese. More natural accent.

Share the culture of your home country.

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More benefits

You will have a carefully selected good family. Your own room and meals are provided. The house rent in large cities is normally from 700 US Dollars per month, and now you get it for free! You should consider this as a big added value within the program. We/our partner will choose a perfect family for each participant using a matching process. The host family will have at least one person who can communicate with you in English. They are normally a middle class Chinese families, and they will provide you a comfortable living environment. At the same time, a good match for each candidate to ensure you are going to get along well, so that both parties can enjoy life.
If you like, you can take a Chinese language class that will be paid for by the host family. The classes are a minimum 4 lessons per week (for more details of your language lesson please contact us). You will always take the right class based on your level of Chinese. You can learn Chinese starting with the basics, and you don’t even have to pay for the textbooks! We are different from STS or EF, their courses cost could between 4,000 and 15,000 US Dollars. Our course are smaller, but we don’t charge you anything. Here’s a tip: the knowledge you received from classes is limited, the most important thing is that you stay in China, and practice the language with your host family. Chinese language certification will be issued. This is a great stepping stone for your career or further study.
You will receive a minimum of 1000 to 1500 CNY in cash per month. Approx. 6 CNY (Yuan) = 1 US dollar. This may be compared to working, but you should know about the salaries in China, and remember that your accommodations and food are both covered. Our program is different from professional language education in Chinese schools. The teachers in these programs have salaries. They are university graduates with 2 years of working experience. They are native English speakers with high TOEFL scores.The average monthly disposable salary (after tax) in Beijing is between 3000 and 6000 CNY, and people have to pay for their living expenses and rent. So your monthly cash allowance will be more than sufficient to buy personal things for yourself! Here are some price examples to show you the buying power of the Yuan in China:Bus or Subway: 2 – 5 CNY Mineral water: 1.5 CNY Beer: 3-5 CNY Snacks: 1 – 10 CNY Big Mac Menu: 17 CNY A bowl of noodle or dumplings: 7 CNY Cloth from a market: from 10-100 CNY Shoes: 10-120 CNY Tomato (1kg) 3-7 CNY Taxi starts from: 12 CNY (2.5 km) 1 month of gym in business district: 360 CNY A pair of glasses: 80-125 CNY
You will receive a bonus from the host family, with the condition that you complete the program. All people can easily get their bonus. This is part of your benefit. The bonus amount differs depending on the length of your program. The idea is to cover your flight expenses. As a result, your flight ticket can be free, or at least partly paid for! It is recommended to stay for more than 6 months, so that both you and the host family can Benefit more, that’s truth.
  • 2 months: 1500 (CNY)
  • 3 months: 2500 (CNY)
  • 6 months: 5000 (CNY)
  • 12 months: 8000 (CNY)
  • The host family will evaluate your performance from time to time during the program, and some families can pay by quarter or in advance. In some cities, the completion bonus may be lesser than listed cause the family will buy your return ticket, but we will all make your benefits signed on the contracts for sure.
    You will work 30 hours per week. You will get public holidays off and 3 days extra vacation days every 3-months. These vacation days must be discussed with host family at least 1 week in advance. Different families have different wishes. You will sign a clear contract about working hours when you start. When the host family travels, of course, they will like to bring you with them because you will be a good friend or brother or sister to their children, and you can teach them a lot during the journey. The relationship will just be better.
    Chinese local personal accident insurance will be bought for you within 2 weeks after arrival to China, and this is paid for by our Program. You are also welcome to buy additional international insurance from your home country.There are many more benefits:Pick up from airport: Remember to send us your flight details, so you will receive a warm welcome at the airport from your host family or our staff. You will also receive a welcome package from us that includes things like maps, address card, telephone sim card, public transportation tickets. We will guide you through all social documents.First training in China: In your first week in China, we will make your life easier by providing an orientation course and training. You will meet lots of other young people from all over the world.Monthly group event: Once a month, we organize a gathering for all AU Pairs in the same city. It could be a short trip to city nearby, the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Grand Museum, or some other kind of gathering event.24H Support: We provide 24 hour emergency contact services, legal local police registration support, visa extension and assistance, and intensive introduction before arrival. We offer full backup and support. If you need to re-match with another host family in China during your stay, we can easily cover 5 nights free accommodation for you during this gap. We always make your stay comfortable.

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    Costs you should consider

    • Buy your own flight ticket first, and you will receive your bonus to cover it or part of it. Normally, the price is between 400 and 800 euros, depending on when you book the flight. If you are short of money right now, you can apply to get the flight ticket from us. This means we pay for it first and then deduct the cost from your monthly allowance or bonus.
    • You need to get a health certificate from your home country. Sometime, this certificate could cost some money, you should pay for it yourself.
    • We will help you step by step for the Chinese Entry Visa application process, but you are responsible for all cost related to this. The application fee at the Chinese entry-visa is around 100-200 euros. Still have questions? Or perhaps you would just like to have a chat with us? (Sure :D) Please contact us for more information. If no more questions, please go ahead and fill out the application form, enjoy the trip to China with no cost! Help us share this out to your network: