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Au Pair’s Orientation Guide in China

As an Au Pair who just arrived the Host family, how you can feel yourself being oriented quickly to your life in China? Here we have the steps and suggestions: 

  1. Get registered in your family’s address. According to Chinese law foreigners should be registered within 24-48 hours of their arrival to China. You family will take you to a local police station to let you registered under their address.
  2. Be familiar with your host family location. Use your map which the agency assigned you to point where you live. Or you can also use the map on your phone or computer (the google map doesn’t work well in China so you can use the “Baidu Map” or “Being Map”). Try to take some walk near your community and get to know the transportation system of your area like the subway/bus station. In the first period you can keep a card with the address of your host family with you in case you are lost in the city.
  3. Get to know your Host Family. Talk with them and do not hesitate to ask all your concerns or curiosities, if you are not sure with something about the family you can ask your agency. Be aware of your working time schedule and the family rules. Try to involve with them not only with the children but to integrate into your host family and get along with other family members
  4. Plan your cost of your staying. Your agency will help you on mobile number subscription and transportation card preparation. We suggest you to plan these costs all in because you will rely on your allowance for the rest of your stay in China. But as the pocket money standard in any city you can lead a decent life with au pairing and studying.
  5. Working well with the family. You will stay with your host family for the next couple of months, so try to involve with the family’s daily activity. You will have a time schedule as mentioned of the “working time” between you and the family. Be prepared of au pairing to China, you must like working with children, to take care, interact with and tutor them is your “work” in your host family.
  6. Get to know China. As you dreamed of this country before now you are living here. So try to get more ideas of this fresh land and try to fulfill the thing you wished to.
  7. Mandarin (Chinese) Study Your agency will help you to get enrolled with a local university/institution, and you will get your visa extended from the university. You agency will be all time operating on this. Chinese is not that hard as you heard and trust your professional mandarin teacher they will make a goal for you study in China.
  8. Meet new friends. After several days in China, you will meet some new friends and you will be popular in whatever bars or your community because Chinese people sometimes area always friendly and warm hearted. And you will need more time of your own, just try to balance between your “au pair-family schedule” and your private thingsJ.
 Any way we can separate these orientations to 3 parts. The fist one is your work as an AU Pair in the family, the second one is your staying in China, and the third one is your Chinese language study.If you have any inquiries please write to us by [email protected] Hence you can read more on our site to get to know the AU Pair China program.