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What Au Pair do in Chinese family? Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)

As China is becoming a hot Au Pair's choice, some may wonder what I should do in the Chinese families as an Au Pair? What the family expect from me? The answer could always be very general as: do like a language coach, play with the children, give the whole family a langugage environment. Below is the "Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)" which will give you a full guildline of Au Pair's duties in China.AU Pair china duty 中国互惠生协会关于外国互惠生职责范围的规定 Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)以下“外国互惠生职贵范围”根据中国互惠生协会 2011 7 15 日会议表决通过。 

 互惠生 Au Pair-互惠生负责个人卫生和自己房间的卫生 Take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness of own bedroom-互惠生负责自己的衣物的盟洗、熨烫、折疊 Wash, iron and fold own clothes
外语学习 ForeignLanguage Learning-口语陪练 Help with oral practice -协助练习外语书写 Help with writing -协助外语考试辅导 Help prepare forforeign language exams -协助翻译或校对学习上的外文资料 Help with translation or proof reading
     照顾孩子Childcare-给孩子叫醒,简单梳妆 Wake children and help them wash and get dressed-给孩子铺床、哄孩子睡午觉和晚上睡觉 Make the bed for children and help them to sleep-为孩子准备简单的早餐、午餐,餐后收拾 Prepare simple meals for children and clean up afterwards-给孩子洗操、换衣服 Bathe children and help them change dress-陪孩子念故事、唱儿歌 Tell stories and sing songs for children-陪孩子做各类室内外游戏 Play indoor/outdoor games with children-陪孩子一起做功课并给予一定帮助 Accompany an d help children with their homework-从幼儿园/学校等接、送孩子 Take children to kindergarten/school or pick them up-协助家庭培养孩子优良的品行 Assist Host Family discipline children
 体验文化 Cultural Exchange-为家庭讲述本国文化和风土人情知识 Introduce to the Host Family about your own culture and customs-与家庭成员分享烹饪技艺、体育爱好、乐器演奏、手工艺和绘画等兴趣爱好Prepare food, do sports, play music instruments, do handicrafts or draw together with the Host Fami ly-与家庭成员一起参加各室内外家庭活动 join in all kinds of family activities
   简单家务 Light Household Choirs-用吸尘器清理地面和桌面除尘(仅限孩子的生活起居区域)Vacuum floor and dust (for children's area only)-用洗衣机洗、熨烫、整理折叠衣物(仅限孩子的衣物)Machine wash, iron and fold clothes (for children only)-(偶尔)饭后收抬桌面、洗碗 (occasionally) dean up after family meals -(偶尔)给全家准备简单的晚餐或者晚 餐所需食材(occasionally) prepare simple family dinner -(偶尔)帮助家庭购买日用杂货(occasionally) help the Host Family buy grocery -其他与家庭一起完成的轻体力家务,如全家参与的定期大扫除(occasionaly)lighttidy/clean work with
The following Au Pair Duties is an amended version as determined on the General Meeting on July 15th 2011在上述互惠生职责范围以外的其他互惠任务、职责,双方应秉着友好协商的态度进行事先沟通,尽力而行。请注意以下任务是互惠生不应该从事的:Tasks that may not be included in Au Pair’s Duties:-为全家人盟洗、褽烫和整理折叠衣物 Wash, iron and fold clothes for the entire family-为除互惠生个人使用的房间、洗手间,以及孩子生活起居以外区域做清洁打扫  Clean and tidy any area outside of au pair's own room, own toilet and children's daily living area-管理医疗器械和药品 Manage medical equipment and medicines-清洗、养护机动车辆 Wash, clean and maintain a car or any other automobile-擦拭玻璃窗户 Wash glass windows-看护邻居或亲友的孩子 Provide care for children of neighbors, friends or relatives on a regular basis-室外花园园艺及草坪整理 All tasks with regard to gardening and the garden-其他任何长期或定期由互惠生一人承担的家庭职责或任务 All tasks that the Au Pair is solely responsible for within the HF Attachment: Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)This Blog is published by The article(s) and Images(s) are ONLY for the aupairinchina site.