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What Au Pair do in Chinese family? Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)

As China is becoming a hot Au Pair’s choice, some may wonder what I should do in the Chinese families as an Au Pair? What the family expect from me? The answer could always be very general as: do like a language coach, play with the children, give the whole family a langugage environment. Below is the “Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)” which will give you a full guildline of Au Pair’s duties in China.

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Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)

以下“外国互惠生职贵范围”根据中国互惠生协会 2011 7 15 日会议表决通过。



互惠生 Au Pair

-互惠生负责个人卫生和自己房间的卫生 Take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness of own bedroom

-互惠生负责自己的衣物的盟洗、熨烫、折疊 Wash, iron and fold own clothes

外语学习 Foreign

Language Learning

-口语陪练 Help with oral practice -协助练习外语书写 Help with writing -协助外语考试辅导 Help prepare for

foreign language exams -协助翻译或校对学习上的外文资料 Help with translation or proof reading








-给孩子叫醒,简单梳妆 Wake children and help them wash and get dressed

-给孩子铺床、哄孩子睡午觉和晚上睡觉 Make the bed for children and help them to sleep

-为孩子准备简单的早餐、午餐,餐后收拾 Prepare simple meals for children and clean up afterwards

-给孩子洗操、换衣服 Bathe children and help them change dress

-陪孩子念故事、唱儿歌 Tell stories and sing songs for children

-陪孩子做各类室内外游戏 Play indoor/outdoor games with children

-陪孩子一起做功课并给予一定帮助 Accompany an d help children with their homework

-从幼儿园/学校等接、送孩子 Take children to kindergarten/school or pick them up

-协助家庭培养孩子优良的品行 Assist Host Family discipline children


体验文化 Cultural Exchange

-为家庭讲述本国文化和风土人情知识 Introduce to the Host Family about your own culture and customs


Prepare food, do sports, play music instruments, do handicrafts or draw together with the Host Fami ly

-与家庭成员一起参加各室内外家庭活动 join in all kinds of family activities




简单家务 Light Household Choirs

-用吸尘器清理地面和桌面除尘(仅限孩子的生活起居区域)Vacuum floor and dust (for children’s area only)

-用洗衣机洗、熨烫、整理折叠衣物(仅限孩子的衣物)Machine wash, iron and fold clothes (for children only)

-(偶尔)饭后收抬桌面、洗碗 (occasionally) dean up after family meals -(偶尔)给全家准备简单的晚餐或者晚 餐所需食材(occasionally) prepare simple family dinner -(偶尔)帮助家庭购买日用杂货(occasionally) help the Host Family buy grocery -其他与家庭一起完成的轻体力家务,如全家参与的定期大扫除(occasionaly)light

tidy/clean work with

The following Au Pair Duties is an amended version as determined on the General Meeting on July 15th 2011



Tasks that may not be included in Au Pair’s Duties:

-为全家人盟洗、褽烫和整理折叠衣物 Wash, iron and fold clothes for the entire family

-为除互惠生个人使用的房间、洗手间,以及孩子生活起居以外区域做清洁打扫  Clean and tidy any area outside of au pair’s own room, own toilet and children’s daily living area

-管理医疗器械和药品 Manage medical equipment and medicines

-清洗、养护机动车辆 Wash, clean and maintain a car or any other automobile

-擦拭玻璃窗户 Wash glass windows

-看护邻居或亲友的孩子 Provide care for children of neighbors, friends or relatives on a regular basis

-室外花园园艺及草坪整理 All tasks with regard to gardening and the garden

-其他任何长期或定期由互惠生一人承担的家庭职责或任务 All tasks that the Au Pair is solely responsible for within the HF


Attachment: Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)

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