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What visa should Au Pairs get when they au pair to China?

Since many Au Pairs are seeking opportunities in China, and they are always confused of visa policies in China. Here we tell you more details about which visa is suitable for you to Au Pair to China.As we all know AU Pair program is quite mature in the states and EU countries. AU Pairs currently in America are holing J1 visa and in many European countries AU Pairs are holding working visas. Since we found AU Pair China  is becoming a hot destination for AU Pairs to choose, and there barely have information online to inform what kind of Visa the AU Pairs should apply when they plan to au pair to China . In this article we will tell you in detail about China’s visa type and let you know which kind of Chinese visa you should applying for.Almost every foreign visitor need a visa to enter China. Currently Chinese visa varies from L(travel), M(business), F(exchange), Z(work), X(study), S(visit), Q(family), C(crew), G(transit). Normally people who works in China should apply for Z visa, but as China’s policy, work visa requires so many files such as company-hiring-foreigner permit and as an individual or family cannot hire a foreigner by law in China. So usually the Foreigners apply F visa which is for exchange to China since AU Pair is an exchange program. For F visa application, your agency/family should provide you an invitation with the invited and inviter’s information on it. But since the year of 2014 some Chinese embassies/consulates stopped issuing F visa. So some agencies in China suggest AU Pair to apply for X visa. According to the Chinese visa law as the time of, as a student you may work 20 hours part time), so it could be a good choice for you. Also we will answer some questions we have been asked so far.Q: My agency suggest me to apply for a tourist visa, is that ok?A: We strongly suggest you to apply for an F or X visa, if your agency said will change your visa to X when you are in China, it may work then.Q: Is it legal for me to au pair to China  with an F/X visa?A: The law is always vague sometimes, here we quote an explanation from one Chinese AU Pair agency’s contract with the au pairs:“The Au pair China program is an international cultural exchange program. Families and individuals participating in the program should recognize that its sole purpose is cultural exchange. In any agreements, or statements about the program any phrases including “work" such as "working time”, ”nature of the work" etc. are only intended to simplify and aid understanding. The phrase does not express the obligations and responsibilities on each party that is found in a labor relationship between employer and employee.” And so far there is no report of the misusing of F/X visa as an AU Pair in China, so we deem it applicable.Q: I am a student in Xi’an now, I want to know more about China, so can I do AU Pair without changing a visa?A: Yes, if you are holding the student visa (X) now in China, you can.Q: My agency helped me applied 1 month L visa, they promised me to extend it when I am in China. Do you think it’s ok?A: Technically, the L visa cannot be extended in China. I think your agency will help you to transfer to other kinds of Visa in China like X or Z. Do ask more details from your agency.Hence, if you have any other questions about your au pair visa in China, please email us [email protected] . we wish you have a wonderful time in your au paring to China. This Blog is published by The article(s) and Images(s) are ONLY for the aupairinchina site.