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Interview with a British Au Pair, how his felling of Shanghai

Even since we have matched so many Au Pairs worldwide in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other main cities, we had an interview with an English Au Pair. From his viewings we hope it can inform some idea to the youth who have interest of Au Pairing to China. At first we planned to conduct this video all in Chinese but then we found maybe it will be quite hard for Curl so we put it in Chinese asking and English answering. Click to get interacting with us on facebook : Lina: 你的互惠经历怎么样?(How’s your au pair life in Shanghai?)Curl: Well, it is true that it had been very different. The best thing of it I think it’s the food. This experience helped me a lot. I learned what about myself and how I interact with different people around the world.Lina: 你喜欢你现在的互惠家庭吗?(Do you like your current Host family in Shanghai?)Curl: Yep. The match was very quickly. It took about 2 months. It was very smooth very quick that tofriend worked very well with me, and help me get through it.Lina: 你在这个家庭待了多久?(How long have been au paired to this shanghai family?)Curl: I’ve been this family for about 10 months now. I like them very much. I’m pretty much with the family. I have been invited to all the family activities. We have traveled to different cities. I’ve been to the Great Wall. I’ve been to Sanya, Xi’an, many different places. And I always been invited and look after me very well.Lina: 你希望通过这次经历获得什么?(What’s your expectation from your au pair trip to Shanghai, China?)Curl: I hope this experience of myself could cooperate with me learning from different people. I’m very interested of the languages, the cultures. So that’s why I came to china, it is so different from anywhere in the world. I just wanted to taste it.Lina: 你为什么选择中国? (Why you choose to Au Pair to Shanghai China?)Curl: Why China? Em. I came to china, it is so different from anywhere else in the world at the moment. I traveled to many places in Europe and to me it’s the culture. And when I came to China the first week. It’s crazy, the stuff I’ve seen, the stuff I did was so different from anywhere else in the world. And I always have the interest.Lina: 到目前为止你在中国最喜欢的事情是什么?(So far what is your favorite thing in China?)Curl: May favorite thing about China, probably the people and the food. The food here is amazing, and it’s nothing to get to the Chinese food to my home town England. The people here is so kind, so warm. You just got the family so quickly, they just such kind people such warm people.Lina: Ok. (to the cameraman: we finished? ^ ^) Thanks you!  Information for the video viewers, want to AU Pair to Shanghai China like him simply click the APPLY button. Questions? Please email us [email protected] / [email protected]