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An Adventure of an Au Pair in China: When Choosing to Conceal Medical History

All characters in the text are pseudonyms. We've decided to document this true story, not to sensationalize or intimidate exchange students considering China as a travel destination. Our sole purpose is to convey a simple message to those venturing into […]



Au Pair’s Nightmare: Horrible Host Families – How to avoid problematic host families?

(-updated on October 10, 2023) We are now updating several posts on social media to let the Au Pairs talk more about their experience with the "problematic host families" they had dealt with. so far, we have collected the following […]

Cultural adjustment of Au Pairs in China | Au Pair Psychology

This is a letter we used to send Au Pairs who are preparing for their coming Au Pair trip to China, we now make it public, we believe many of you may wonder how a cultural shock can be solved […]





绝知此事要躬行—美国男孩的互惠心路历程Knowing is Doing – An American Boy’s Journey of Reciprocal Kindness



As one of the most important traditional festivals of the Chinese people, the Spring Festival has been popular since ancient times. Many people regard the Spring Festival as the most important festival and the best wishes for the New Year. […]


She is a Serbian girl who came to China for the first time. She has traveled to some European countries before. This time, she hopes to experience a completely different eastern culture. 她是一名塞尔维亚女孩,第一次来到中国。 她以前曾去过一些欧洲国家。 这一次,她希望体验完全不同的东方文化。   Q1: How's your au […]

Well not now for Au Pairing to China 2022

But we are quite sure in the coming future, you can make it, and we will be quite helpful on this. yea, due to the lasting pandemic, as we donot know how long it will last and probabelly we will […]

How is the Coronavirus affecting the Au Pair program in China?

Given the worldwide concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak wordwide, we decided to deal with the topic from the Au Pairs’ and the Host Families’ perspective. Being the Au Pair program an international project which involves people from all over the world, our priority […]