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Could be good to have some photos of you together with children. If you couldn't find good photos at the moment, welcome to send them to us later by email. 🙂

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If you consider your application seriously, we would need a 2-minutes self introduction video clip. This won't waste your time, because the host family in China can better feel your English level and your personality, make decision quickly. Take it easy, just smile and talk about your self, your family, your free time. You can repeat what you wrote in the application, and also high light how much you love to spend time with children, any teaching experiences? or why you should be selected and get your trip paid. Upload the video to Google Drive or Dropbox, paste the shared link here.

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* I hereby understand as an au pair to china I will abide the laws and regulations in China. AiC won't charge fees on me. I will pay my own ticket to China and my benefits as an au pair shall be visa support from AiC; Pocket money 1200-1500Yuan (185-230 USD) from host family directly; Mandarin study course arranged and paid by AiC; Completion bonus1500 Yuan(230USD) from AiC each 3 months. (the benefits for Au Pairs may vary by time, the Au Pair-Agency/Au Pair-family contract shall prevail)

* I hereby confirm that I have read through the homepage, my information given here is true and correct.

It may take few time for your submission uploading. If you have any question, email us at [email protected].
The whole process is easy – Only 5 Steps to China!
1. Submit your application form and video introduction.
2. In the matching process, you may need to talk with us/our partners before you talk with the family;
3. After you matched with a family, you will receive your placement offer;
4. Receive your formal visa invitation and our stuff will help you to apply for visa;
5. Book your flight! And you will be picked up by our friendly staff at Chinese International Airport. That’s it!

If you have troubles for online application, please contact [email protected] for assist!