What visa should Au Pairs get when they au pair to China?

Since many Au Pairs are seeking opportunities in China, and they are always confused of visa policies in China. Here we tell you more details about which visa is suitable for you to Au Pair to China. As we all know […]

New Swedish AU Pair arrives Shanghai on Sep.

Last Friday (18th Sep. 2015) We have a Swedish au pair arrived to a Shanghai family, Erica, who graduated this year and want to have a half year exchange life in China. Erica is an outgoing Swedish girl who had […]

How to choose an agency to au pair to China?

When you search "Au Pair China" or "Au Pair **(Chinese city)", you could find out tons of agencies/websites which are all saying we are the "leading", "best", and "most valued". But do you believe some of top reviews are paid […]

Interview with Hallen, a Swedish au pair in China

Location: 515 Yishan Rd, Shanghai. Tofriend AU Pair Shanghai coordinator office. Interview them: au pair life in China Interview participant: Hallen, Zhao (tofriend stuff)   Z: Hello Hallen. How are you doing now in Shanghai? H: I’m great, how are […]

Interview with a British Au Pair, how his felling of Shanghai

Even since we have matched so many Au Pairs worldwide in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other main cities, we had an interview with an English Au Pair. From his viewings we hope it can inform some idea to the youth who […]

Why I love being an AU Pair in Shanghai

Well, it had been 2 months since I hit the land of China. I am living in Shanghai with a wonderful family of 4, 2 kids of course, Emma and Victor. I am not good at writing long in English […]

What Au Pair do in Chinese family? Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)

As China is becoming a hot Au Pair's choice, some may wonder what I should do in the Chinese families as an Au Pair? What the family expect from me? The answer could always be very general as: do like […]

Au Pair contract in China

Yes, every Au Pair should obtain a contract before his/her coming to the host family. Since Au Pair in China program is not as popular as in Europe, either as mature as in Europe. So many Au Pair want to […]

Swedish Au Pair in China: Mark’s experience

Mark is a Swedish boy who au paired to china on the year of 2014. But everything seems just happened. On the day of September we picked him up and send sent him to the Shanghai Hongqiao train station where […]

Elodie’s Au Pair experience in China

Elodie is a French girl who applied our program last year (2014), and she matched with a family near Shanghai, finally she arrived on the last day of 2014 which is 31st of December. The family drove to Pudong airport […]

10 facts that being an Au Pair in China differs from Au Pair in other countries

Your English level. If you are from a English speaking countries you will be quite welcomed, the agencies in China will thrive to you lots of interested families, also if your English is in fluent level, you do not need […]

Welcome Laetitia, a new Au Pair to Wuhan family

Laetitia is a French girl who lived near Paris, She prefer to learn Chinese and know more about China. and we matched her with a Wuhan family, this family was quite welcoming her even they met in Paris twice before […]