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Preface Welcome to China! Now, you have a number of payment options at your fingertips while in China, ranging from mobile payments to bank cards and cash. Please follow this guide to find out more. 
Bank Card 
Bank cards issued in your home country/region can be accepted if logos of UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard and other payment organizations are displayed at the checkout counter (see picture below). If not, please ask the cashier whether your bank card can be accepted. If you hold a UnionPay card, it can be accepted by all merchant POS terminals in China's mainland.
Mobile Payment ———
You can enjoy convenient payments with just a mobile phone. Payment services such as Alipay, Weixin Pay and UnionPay are available.
For better payment experience, no IDs are required for transactions under a certain amount. Give it a go!
Please watch videos for more details
 Avipay a(1) Search for Alipay in the app store or on its officialwebsite, and download the app.Alipay-Simplify Your Life (2) Open the app, and register with your phone numberor just sign in if you have already registered.
(3) Add bank cards as shown below.
———————— Note ————————Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover cardscan all be added to Alipay.
Tap "Add Now" and follow on-page prompts to completethe process.

(4) Pay by scanning QR code.
‘You can pay by scanning a merchant's QR code (method 1)or by having a merchant scan yours (method 2).

Method 1: Tap "Scan", and scan the merchant-presentedQR code.Method 2: Tap "Pay/Receive", and present your QRcode to the merchant.
Follow the instructions in the app to complete payment process.

Weixin Pay
(1) Search for WeChat in the app store, and download it.

(2) Open the WeChat app, and register with your phone number or just sign in if you have already registered.(3) Add bank cards as shown below.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover cards can all be added to Weixin Pay. 

(4) Pay by scanning QR code.

You can pay by scanning a merchant's QR code (method 1) or by having amerchant scan yours (method 2).Method 1: Tap the "+" sign at the upperright corner and then the "Scan" icon,and scan the merchant-presented QRcode.

Method 2: Tap the "+" sign at the upper right comer and then the "Money" icon, and present your QR code to the merchant. Follow the instructions in the app to complete payment process.

[3] UnionPay (1) Download the UnionPay app in the app store or from its official website.

(2) Register with your phone number and enable the payment function.(3) Add bank cards as shown below.

 It only supports linking UnionPay cards issued in certain places such as Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAT "Add Now" and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. 

(4) Pay by scanning QR code.You can pay by scanning a merchant's QR code (method1) or by having a merchant scan yours (method 2).

Method 1: Tap "Scan", and scan the merchant-
presented QR code.

Method 2: Tap "Pay/Collect", and present your QR
code to the merchant.

Follow the instructions in the app to complete payment
process.Pay with a Tour Card —The Tour Card is a prepaid card which you can applyfor and top up in the UnionPay App to make everydaypurchases, online or offline.Please scan the QR code that carries the logo ofthe payment service provider of your choice whenmaking payments. For example, use the Alipay appto scan the QR code with the Alipay logo.

Some international e-wallets are
accepted by merchants in China
Easy payment with your e-wallet
You can directly pay with e-wallets below without

downloading other apps.


You can also pay in cash.

If you need cash, you can withdraw RMB cash
with your bank card at an ATM with logos of the
corresponding bank card organizations. You can
also directly exchange at bank outlets with currency
exchange signs, outlets of qualified financial
institutions, or self-service kiosks. Please consult
the staff for currencies available.

Bank Account

You can open a bank account with your passport
or other valid IDs at any nearby bank outlet, such
as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
(ICBC), the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the
Bank of China (BOC), the China Construction Bank
(CCB), and the Bank of Communications (BOCOM).
Please consult the staff at the bank outlet or visit
their official websites for more details.

With the account, you can enjoy a variety of financial
services (such as deposit and withdrawal of both
RMB and foreign currencies, foreign currency
purchase and sale, domestic transfer and cross-
border remittance, foreign currency exchange, and
making payments).


You can also make payments in e-CNY if you are interested
in e-CNY.

Download the "e-CNY" app in the app store. Android users
can also scan the QR code below to download. Then, pay
by following the instructions in the app.

The 24-hour e-CNY customer service hotline: |