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AuPairinChina’s love continues

Kiwi girl Nancy’s china trip during the Covid-19

The year of 2020 will definitely be remembered in the next few decades because of the Covid-19. Until 5th Nov 2020, the confirmed cases had been reached 48 million worldwide and in the united states this number hit 9.9 million. All countries chose to close gates for travelers during this pandemic, that caused lots of travelers been drifted from places to places. One of our au pair Nancy, a New Zealander who had been put in that dilemma.

Nancy with her friend

Nancy aupaired to China on October 2019, joined a Shenzhen family with the help from AiC. She planed of staying in china for 6 months before her next adventure. During the china covid-19 period she chose to stay with her Shenzhen family and see how the situation would go. On 7 March we received a special call from Nancy’s family, this caring family told us Nancy was very under the mood in the last week and locked herself in the room with wiping and hoped us could be more considerate while talking with her. In the next few days Nancy told one of our coordinators that her flight back New Zealand had been cancelled because of the Covid-19, she wanted to stay in china but her program and visa both are under due, she had no idea how to deal with it. And the most worried for her is her family in New Zealand, she had no idea how they can pass this pandemic. Dorothy, a coordinator consulted Nancy and encourage her to keep in touch with her family, and advised her to express mail some masks to her family. And the agency will help her on visa and guarantee her can stay as long as she wished before her hometown’s pandemic in peace. So as we suggested Nancy will take a week “holiday off” for some in-country traveling. And in the mean time she will meet a shanghai family in person for an interview and they matched. Shanghai is always her dreamed city and she will go there after holiday. What an exciting news!

Nancy with Chinese family

To ensure her journey goes smoothly, AiC has helped her to applied healthy QR code and residence certificate for our epidemic control measures. And that helped her a lot during the whole trip. When she arrived Sanya(China’s tropical paradise), she was impressed by the wonderful seascape and unique local customs and fell love with it at once. what makes her most happy is made some new friends there and created an unforgettable memory with them. After the holidays, she had to say goodbye to them and boarded the flight to Shanghai. But thank for advanced modern communications technology, she can keep touch with them online. On the day she came to Shanghai, the Shanghai family and AiC was waiting at the airport to pick her up. She gave us a big smile and a big huge when she saw us. Look at her glowing face guess she must have great time on Sanya! She told us that how much she like Sanya and really thanks for everything we do for her. That’s so sweet that we give love out and get response and reply after she get it!

Sanya in Nancy’s camera

In the face of the cold-blooded virus, AiC still place care as the top priority and making every effort to takes care of every au pair. Let them feel safe in a foreign country, and give them a solid support, let them bravely moving forward! Here, I wish that covid-19 will pass as soon as possible, so that we can freely embrace our families and friends under the sun!