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Au Pairs of this October, Jac, Selene, Ramona

British Au Pair Jac now lives in a Shanghai family, enjoys her Chinese life now. Normaly daily life for her, in the morning she studies Chinese in a local university near by, in the afternoon she tutuors the children English and play with them in English. Hence the family have 3 boys but she only…

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Shi family from Shanghai

  Family location Shanghai Address Beijing Chaoyang District Shuangqiao Dong Road Family members Mother SHI YJ 35 y.o. , Dad Mou JB 36 y.o.,Daughter 4 y.o. Main contact Mother: SHI YJ   Dear au pair: 我很高兴您能选择加入我的家庭,我的家庭很简单,有一个4岁的小女孩,文静可爱带点俏皮。我们家庭希望她能在中国上海生活的同时,从小也了解一些国外优秀的文化,会说流利的英语;包括我和我的丈夫通过您的加入,使英语的表达有很提高。 我最看中您有责任心,对俏皮的孩子有一套您特有的办法;教会她自信乐观和从容;我的家庭住的面积不大,但完全可以提供一间单独的房间给您; 我希望很快能见到您,并希望你喜欢中国,喜欢上海,喜欢我的家庭,喜欢我的孩子。 期待您早日成为我们家庭中的一员。 感谢。 Dear AU Pair, We are quite happy you can join our family. We are a…

shanghai aupair host family

Li family from Minhang, Shanghai

Family Mom: MH Li Family Add:Minhang Shanghai City father Family Members: two son (10 years old), mother, , grandma, grandpa Expectations for aupairs: native-speaker preferred (USA,UK), boy, having sence of humor and extroverted, Loving sports such as basketball, swimming. General working time from 3:30pm to 9:30pm before summer holiday, during the summer holiday the working…

beijing aupair host family

Yang family from Beijing

Family Mom: LJ Yang Family Add:Haidian Dist, Beijing City Family Members: one daughter(6 years old), mother Expectations for aupairs: native-speaker preferred (USA,UK), Girl, patient, with mobility, helping child on whatever mentality and intelligence. Letter from the family: Hello, I am Hu Jingwen’s mother Yang Lijing, the family is usually my daughter and i, my daughter…

huzhou aupair host family

Wang family from Huzhou

Family Mom: Fei Wang Family Add: Zizhu Villa, Anji country, Huzhou city, Zhejiang province China Family Members: one daughter one son (both 5 years old), father, mother Preferred au pair: Native speaker, girl, age about 20-30 years old Letter from host family: Hi, friend. I’m mother from the family, I have pigeon pair both they…

Liu Family from Beijing

Family location Beijing Address Beijing Chaoyang District Shuangqiao Dong Road Family members Mother Liu Lf 37 y.o. , Dad Zhao Y 39 y.o.,Daughter Zhao Cr 1 y.o. Main contact Mother: Liu Lf Father, Daughter Dear Au pair: Hello. I am Liu, every people call me M Liu. We are a happy Chinese family. At the…

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Chantel, from South Afica

I finished my program as an AU pair in a Shanghai family this summer and now I am a teacher in a school in Taiyuan. I choose to work in China because I found this country is really interesting and comfortable for leaving. I believe I will keep living in China for a time.

shanghai aupair host family

Tasha, B., from California

AUPAIR in China has made my experience AU Pairing in China a fun and adventure.

They made my transition easy and also placed with a great family who I have grown very close to.

I have and will continue to recommend “AUPAIR in China” to other individuals interested in AUPairing in China.


shanghai aupair host family

Natalie L., from Mexico City

Thanks for “AU Pair in China” program, I finished my program in Shanghai as a year long, I really lived and fulfilled my “Chinese dream”, I love my host family quite much, they are so considering for me. I finished my 2 semesters in the Technology and Engineering University of Shanghai, now I am in…

Spanish speaking aupair in china

Au Pairs of August 2016, Ana, Victoria and Furio

     Colombian Au Pair Ana now is living with a Shenzhen family. She finished her first term study in the Shenzhen Polytechnic. Now she is enjoying the summer holiday with the family. Even she studied mandarin for a few months but she speaks quite a lot more than her peers in the same class. Ana…