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Yang family from Beijing

beijing aupair host familyFamily Mom: LJ YangFamily Add:Haidian Dist, Beijing CityFamily Members: one daughter(6 years old), motherExpectations for aupairs: native-speaker preferred (USA,UK), Girl, patient, with mobility, helping child on whatever mentality and intelligence.Letter from the familyHello, I am Hu Jingwen’s mother Yang Lijing, the family is usually my daughter and i, my daughter is very lively, like reading, painting, playing games, I had engaged in engineering construction, now do some investment banking area. I hope you came to my house as soon as possible, into the family also put this place as your home, I hope you and your daughter to Beijing every week a number of museums, parks, historical sites ... and other aspects of Chinese cultural environment as soon as possible to understand, respect Chinese I have no problem, I have not learned English very pity! Disney has a daughter in the school for four years, it is estimated that you came to my house when she would be the voice of our bridge! You also want to have in my house every day harvesting and happy, we work together to learn from each other, my daughter and I look forward to your early arrival. Thank you! Yang LijingApply to be an AU Pair for this family: