Au Pairs’ Chinese New Year of Pig

As one of the most important traditional festivals of the Chinese people, the Spring Festival has been popular since ancient times. Many people regard the Spring Festival as the most important festival and the best wishes for the New Year.  This year is the Spring Festival of the 2019 Lunar Year of the Pig, and…

She is a Serbian girl who came to China for the first time. She has traveled to some European countries before. This time, she hopes to experience a completely different eastern culture.

Q1: How’s your au pair life in Beijing?

Daily life in Beijing brings with him many interesting situations and experiences. Although I spend most of my time with family and child, I use my free time in the best possible way.when you are in such a big city you can always discover something new and you will not have enough time again. To my luck, there are a few people from Serbia with whom I can hang out, but I also met a lot of new friends.

Q2: How long have you been in Beijing?

I have been 6 months in Beijing.

Q3: Do you like this family? the reason?

I couldn’t get better family and I really think that I am very lucky because all others au pairs didn’t have very nice familys like me. They are very nice and take care about me like a member of the family. They showed me a lot of interesting places and things from the begining when I was scared to somewhere alone. After few week I became familiar with city and explored by myself. They have a lot of understanding for me and trying to meke me this program like a vication.

Q4: Why did you choose to be an Au Pair? Why choose China?

I choose it because that was the much more easier way to visit China with not too much money.. I wanted to know more about China because of difference between Asia and Europe. Complete differente language ,cultural and life style. I wanted this opportunity to know more about this country and in the same time that was a chellenge for me.

Q5: Can you share with us, what is your favorite part in China?

The favourite part of China is opportunity to learn language and I think that should be more activities like caliography what we don’t have here.

Q6: If someone is interested in being an Au Pair in China, what do you want to say to them?

If is it brave and really want to meet another cultural and language , in thus case Chinese, this is good opportunity to do that. And if it have luck like me to get a family like mine,  will spend unfogettable time in China.

We hope that more au pairs will come to China to spend an unforgettable time with Chinese families. 😀

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