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Au Pair’s Chinese language (Mandarin) study: HSK Chinese level exam

一、汉语水平考试(HSK)和汉语水平口语考试(HSKK) Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK) and HSK Speaking Test(HSKK)

HSK是一项国际汉语能力标准化考试,重点考查汉语非第一语言的考生在生活、学习和工作 中运用汉语进行交际的能力。HSK包括HSK (—级)、HSK (二级)、HSK (三级)、HSK (四级)、HSK (五级)、 HSK (六级)。HSK is an international standardized Chinese language test to measure the ability of non­native Chinese speakers to communicate in Chinese in daily lives, academic and working settings.HSK comprises of six levels from HSK-Level 1 to HSK-Level 6. HSK试卷结构 Test Structures (Number of Items)
HSK1 Level 1202040200
HSK2 Level 2352555200
HSK3 Level 340301090300
HSK4 Level 4454015105300
HSK5 Level 5454510125300
HSK6 Level 650501140300
 2•汉语水平口语考试 HSK Speaking Test(HSKK)HSKK包括HSKK (初级、HSKK (中级HSKK (高级),考试采用录音形式。HSKK can be divide into three levels of HSKK (Basic), HSKK (intermediate) and HSKK(Advanced), and test takers' on-site performance will be recorded. HSKK试卷结构 Test Structure(Number of Items)
级别Level听后重复Listen and repeat听后复述Listen and recont听后回答Listen and answer看图说话Picture discriptions朗读Read aloud回答问题Answer the questions时间长度Duration (Min.)总分Total Scor Point)
二、考试备考 Test Preparation     www.chinesetest.cn可以提供以下备考支持:All belows are available on the website:《新汉语水平考试大纲》Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus ♦《新汉语水平考试真题集》和《汉语水平口语考试真题集》Official Examination Papers of HSK and HSKK 考试规则 Test Regulation ♦在线进行模拟考试Online Mock Test 三、考试形式Test Methods    1.汉语水平考试(HSK )提供纸笔考试和计算机网络考试两种考试形式 HSK includes a paper-based test and an Internet-based test.纸笔考试 Paper-based Test考生一律在答题卡上作答,答题卡上的所有内容均使用2B铅笔填涂。Test takers should fill in all the answers on the Answer Sheet, and the answer should be marked by 2B pencil.♦S机网络考试 Internet-based Test计算机网络考试是无纸化考试,考生通过鼠标键盘作答,考试过程自动计时。For HSK iBT, test takers use mouse and keyboard to answer the question. The test time is kept by the iBT system automatically.2.汉语水平口语考试(HSKK)采用现场录音形式For HSKK, test takers' answers will be recorded on-site. Test takers should record their answers with his/her respective recording devices and follow the instructions of the test examiner. Recordings for test takers in the same test room will start/stop at the same time.四、考试报名与交费 Test Registration and Payment登录汉语考试服务网,通过全球考点信息可以查询到考试时间、 离你最近的考点或者你想要参加考试的考点。Test takers can go on the Chinese testing service website ( to find test dates, the information of the nearest test center or the test center he/she wish to take. 
1登陆汉语考试服务网Log into the website网址Website:
2注册用户User registration注册成为汉语考试服务网用户,记住你的用户名 (邮箱和密码。Register to become a user of the Chinese testing service website, and remember your user name (mailbox) and password.
3考试报名Test registration择考试级别、考试形式纸笔考和机网考、考点和考试时间。在报名前,你要先了解所选考点的考试举办形式。Select the test level, form (paper-based or Internet -based test), test center and date. Before registration, you must first know about what are the organizing forms available at the selected test center.
4填写个人信息Fill in your personal information填写你的姓名与证件一致丨、性别、出生日期、国籍、证件信息等,注意信息的真实性和完整性。Fill in your name (identical with your identity certificate), gender, date of birth, nationality, information of your identity certificate, etc. Please ensure authenticity and integrity of the information.
5上传照片 Upload a photo照片要求:近期免冠、正面、两寸证件照,不得使用风 景照、生活照,以白色背景为佳。在中国大陆地区考点报名参加考试的考生须提交电子 照片,如未上传照片或上传照片不符合要求的,将不能 进入考场参加考试。Photo requirements: Test takers' recent photo for identification (in a standard, two-inch form), and photos of daily life or landscape will not be accepted;Test takers who register and choose to take the test at test centers in mainland China are required to submit an electronic photo. If no photo has been uploaded or the uploaded one does not meet the requirements, test takers will not be admitted to take the test. 
6确认注册信息Confirm the registration information 核实信息无误后,选择确认并提交”。After verifying the information, select "Confirm and Submit*. 
7支付考试费Pay the test fee请在报名截止前完成交费,否则报名无效。考试费支付 成功以后,不可以取消考试。开通网上支付的考点,考生可直接进行在线支付。 Please complete the payment before the registration deadline;otherwise the registration is invalid. After you have successfully paid the test fee, the test cannot be cancelled.For test centers with online payment, test takers can directly pay online.
8获得报名确认Receive the test registration confirmation完成报名交费并填写有效E-mail信箱的考生,在考试前 10天会收到报名确认。未收到的请联系报名考点。Test takers who have completed the registration and payment, and have filled in a valid E-mail address, will receive a registration confirmation 10 days before the test. If no confirmation is received, please contact the test center.
9领取/打印准考证Collect登录汉语考试服务网自行打印准考证,或到报名考点 领取准考证。考试当天必须携带准考证及身份证原件。 You may either log into the Chinese testing service website and print your test admission ticket or collect it at the test center. On the test date, you must bring and present your test admission ticket and identity certificate.
 注意:如所选考点末开通网上报名你可以到考点并行现场报名和交费。Note: If online registration is not available at the selected test center, you can go to the test center to complete on-site registration and payment. 五、报名的更改 Modification Registration报名截止前,考生可以更改考试日期,不需要缴纳任何费用;报名截止后到考试前10天(含第10天),选择更改考试日期,须缴纳考试费的30%作为更改手续费。Before the registration deadline (including the deadline): test takers can change the test date for free. Between the registration deadline and 10 days before the test (including the 10th day): test takers need to pay an amount equal to 30% of the test fee before they can apply for the change during this period.重要提示:1、考点和考试级别不能更改。2、参加汉语网络考试的考生,免费更改考试曰期的期限为考试前27天,其它 相关规则与纸笔考相同。Important Note1、The registration test center and the test level cannot be changed.2、For test takers to take the internet-based test, the valid period for changing the test date for free is 27 days before the test, and other relevant rules are the same with the paper-based test. 六、考试规则 Test Regulations    1 •考试用品 Articles Carried for the test考试当天,考生进场时必须携带:-准考证-与报名一致的、真实有效且带照片的个人身份证件(复印件无效)-参加纸笔考试须携带2B铅笔(两支以上)和橡皮。On the test date, test takers must bring the following articles to the test room:-Test admission ticket;-Identity certificate (copies are invalid) which is authentic, valid, identical with the registration information and carries a photo;-2B pencils (two or more) and eraser, in the event that it is a paper-based test.重要提示:1.考生入场时无法提定符合规定的证件和准考证,将不能参加考试。考试费用不予退还。2.考生个人物品需放在主考指定的物品存放处,所有电子、通讯设备必须关闭。Important Note: 1. Test takers who fails to provide the required certificates or test admission ticket will not be allowed to take the test, and the test fee will not be refunded.Other personal articles of test takers cannot be carried with them during the test but shall be placed in the depository or place designated by the test examiner. All electronic, communication equipment must be turned off.2 考场规则 Test Regulations Test takers should arrive at the test room on time. During the test, test takers must follow the instructions of the test examiner, comply with the test regulations, and complete the test independently. If any test taker conducts cheating acts or disobeying reasonable directions given by the test examiner during the test, lis/her score will be cancelled. 七、考试成绩Test scores       1.成绩查询 Score enquiry考试结束后一个月,考生可以登录汉语考试服务网(,输入准考证号码 和姓名查询成绩。One month after taking the test test takers can log into the Chinese testing service website (www. | and enter his/her test admission ticket number as well as name to view the test scores.2•成绩报告 Score report正式的成绩报告一般会在考后45天寄送到考生参加考试的考点,考生可凭准考证到报名考点领取。The printed official test score reports will be delivered to the test center 45 days after the test date, and test takers can get t there by presenting their test admission tickets. 考试成绩长期有效,作为外国留学生进入中国院校学习的汉语能力的证明,有效期为两年(从 考试当曰算起IThe test result is a long term available, but the score report to be used for the application to Chinese universities and colleges is valid within two years (from the test date).4•成绩报告附加服务 Additional services concerning score report汉考国际提供额外成绩报告寄送服务和成绩报告修改服务,考生可通过汉语考试服务网 ( ),登录个人中心"在线申请。Additional score report and the score report modification service are provided to test takers. Test takers could submit the application on the “Personal information Center" page atChinese testing service website (