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Why I love being an AU Pair in Shanghai

Well, it had been 2 months since I hit the land of China. I am living in Shanghai with a wonderful family of 4, 2 kids of course, Emma and Victor. I am not good at writing long in English but since the tofriend agency did me a great favor I will try. Thanks to tofriend (

I don’t want to compare European countries to here, almost everything’s different, but people are nice. My friend who worked in Beijing told me it differs from cities. No wonder China’s big enough, Beijing to Shanghai like far as 2 countries in Europe.

The Chinese food, I used chopsticks before in my country so it’s not a problem for me, but the bones! It is really hard for me to pick the bones out from my food, I tried several time now I give up. It is ok for me just to have some meat without bones. The Chinese noodles are great, they had noodles in so many different types which is awesome. I like fried noodles and steamed one. However I would say I enjoyed the food here.

The mandarin. I just knew mandarin’s the most popular Chinese in China. Now I am learning in the Engineering university here in Shanghai which is paid by the family (thru the agency), as a beginner, I admit it could be harder than Norwegian but I am still trying. In my class there have French, Russian, American and lots of students from other countries. They are from different files like models, wives, white collars. I wish I can continue study after my program finished.

The AU Pair Host family. I am with a family of 4, the ages of children are 4 and 7, so I have all afternoon work here. I play with them and speak English with them, like easy. Sometimes they made me headache but it is ok since I have 2 younger brothers back home. The parents are great they always consider me. I wish to be more invisible when they are concerning about me and that’s true.

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Pic: we were writing in traditional Chinese in the school ^ ^

Well some of you may wonder why I choose shanghai, I’d say when I tried to be an au pair I was open to choices. My people were always saying things about china, and I suddenly found and applied online. I think I am lucky enough than my peers that I really enjoyed the life here. This is a work for the agency, so I put their link here:



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