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Interview with Hallen, a Swedish au pair in China

Location: 515 Yishan Rd, Shanghai. Tofriend AU Pair Shanghai coordinator office.

Interview them: au pair life in China

Interview participant: Hallen, Zhao (tofriend stuff)


Z: Hello Hallen. How are you doing now in Shanghai?

H: I’m great, how are you doing?

Z: We are doing good, since there have lots people out of China who want to know about AU Pair life, so we plan to have a(an) interview with you. We hop it can give people more ideas.

H: absolutely right. That’s what I wish I can offer.

Z: so you have been to Shanghai for 3 months? What do you think about it?

H: 3 and a half actually. I think it’s great. Well it could be a bit different from what I thought china could be. I meant, the people, the food, the things among us here, I meant everything. But it’s ok for me when I found actually people have the love, they have the demands as we do in Sweden. And I prepared way worse than here in china. So I’d say I like here.

Z: So you like your host family?

H: Yes, of course. They are a super family. We get along quite well. The boy likes me and I like him, I think me and the family are bonded quite well.

Z: Can you tell us more about your family and your AU Pair work?

H: Sure. In the family, I do a tutor to the boy, and my work to play with him and teach phonics, which I’m quite enjoyed since I plan to apply for a teacher job in a kindergarten back home. There have an Ayi at home who do the house chores and coo work for us. Mmm, I basically have no duty on the chores.

Z: So tell me something about your fee time?

H: Well. I’m off on Tuesday and Saturday. And most of the time I’m free on the morning. My lessons in the university is on Monday and Friday, so I do have plenty of time here in Shanghai. I visited nearly all the places which I planned before my departure. That’s pretty cool.

Z: Have you been somewhere with the family?

H: Yes, We visited Hangzhou, where the mother originally came from. The Xihu lake was so beautiful. You can see the pictures. (take phone to show to David) Also I was being told we may visit Xi’an next month. I am quite expecting on that.

Z: Yes, the lake is very beautiful. I think you must feel very good now with the family (H: Yes!) so, do you have some advises?

H: Well. I do have. But I think it’s not what I can change, it’s your culture. Like I wish I can be informed of lots of things before they are happening.

Z: like what?

H: Like we visited Hangzhou, I was been told in the morning. You believe it? In the morning, the mother told me we will go to Hangzhou in few minutes, now we go! I was astonished, I even had no ideas where Hangzhou is, how long we will be there then I rushed to use my map, then found out, oh it’s a city nearby and it’s quite been told. I guess it’s Chinese culture? So I kindly let the mother know I wish to get things on the list at least 2 days ahead. That’s the reason I knew we will visit Xi’an next month.

Z: Haha. I see.

H: Yea, but whatever, I am a grateful person. I knew it’s not their fault, I don’t blame that, actually I was quite happy that day. I think my au pair life here really gave me more understanding of China.

Z: Yes, that’s the end of our talking today.

H: So soon? Ok. Thanks! Have a nice day!

Z: Thanks for your time, you too.


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