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Tofriend Au Pair’s insurance in China

As an Au Pair you travel to a different country and stay in a host family, insurance should be the must you consider of. Thru out all introduction of au pair program from different au pair agencies in China we found it’s kind of distinguish of AU Pair insurance. This article tells you the insurance policy of tofriend AU Pair Program.Tofriend Au Pair insurance is separated in 2 parts. One is the accidental insurance with accidental health insurance once au pair arrived in China, the other part is the international student insurance once au pair registered in the university. Here we list the details of the 2 insurance for au pairs. Allianz accidental insurance

Allianz anshunchangyou accidental insuranceRMBInsurance Amount (RMB)
Accidental death/total disability500,000 RMB
Accidental medical20,000
 Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.
Insurance LiabilitiesRMBInsurance Amount (RMB)
Liability for Death +Accidental Disability100,000
Medical Treatment for Accidental Injury20,000
Medical Treatment for Outpatient and EmergencyWith the daily limit of RMB600, beyond the start to pay limit of RMB2000, the insured can enjoy 85%of reimbursement20,000
Hospitalization MedicalTreatment400,000
  Please note the Ping An Comprehensive insurance has the access of reimbursement of your medical bill. For more info please call Ping An : (+86) 4008105119 EXT 1 or visit the official website Attachment (Piang An Comprehensive Insurance Claim process): Do be sure to firstly call 4008105119 EXT 1 to make a diagnosis inquiry before you go to see a doctor. Dear customers:If you want to learn about the services of settlement of claim of comprehensive insurance for people coming to China of Ping An Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd., please read this guide carefully.1Procedures for ins uran ce claims: Standard procedures of insurance claims after occurrence of insurance accident: 
  1. Please call directly 4008105119 EXT 1 for medical consultation due to disease or accident. The rescue doctor will consult, diagnose, and provide medical guidance and precautions for insurance claim. After consulting diagnosis and outpatient treatment, if the doctor confirms that further hospitalization is required, the insured can apply for advanced payment of medical expense for hospitalization to the rescue company. After communication and confirmation of the rescue company and hospital, it will be decided whether the advanced payment procedures shall be started. If the insured is directly hospitalized without consulting, diagnosis and recording of doctor of the rescue company and outpatient treatment (including those whose conditions do not meet the requirements of hospitalization but require the outpatient doctor to agree with hospitalization), the rescue company will not be responsible for advanced payment of medical expense for hospitalization. If advanced payment for medical expenses is made without the above procedures, the insured will not be able to get compensation.
  2. Major accident can be reported with the following contact information
Telephone number for claim consultation and reporting:  4008105119 EXT 1.  You cannot get compensated without reporting through the 400 call or following the standard procedures. 2Document to be presented for settlement of claims:1).One-year term life insuranceA   Copy of passport and visa page of the Insured  2).Medical treatment for accidental injuries  3).Medical treatment for outpatient and emergencyA   Copy of passport and visa page of the Insured B    Original of receiptC       Medical record, detailed expenditure sheet and copy of examination report and laboratory test report of each respective treatmentIf the fees have exceeded the minimum payment line of RMB2000 Yuan, then the medical record, detailed expenditure sheet and copy of examination report and laboratory test report of treatment that costs below 2000 Yuan are also required to be presented. 4).Hospitalization    Special instructions to item 2) to item 4) above:(1) Besides, the Insured’s bank account opened in the mainland of China and accurate information in relation to the account must be attached to the claim settling documents; (For details, please call 4008105119 EXT 1 )(2). Where in one insured incident, the Insured has to be treated in two or more hospitals, relevant documents such as diagnosis certificate and medical record from relevant hospitals shall be presented.(3). Hospitals for treatment are limited to the public hospitals within the territory of the Chinese mainland, and items and expenses that can be reimbursed should in accordance with the scope of local regulations of social basic medical insurance. 5). Application for nursing feeOriginal Invoices of nursing fee issued by hospital or by nursing service companyMaterials for claims of settlement sent to: 北京市朝阳区东三环中路 55 号双子座 B 座 303 室(邮编 100022)Addressee:来华项目理赔部 Please Dial : 4008105119 to 1 Please log in for latest insurance introduction.Chinese explanation prevails in case of contradiction arising out of the aforementioned contents.