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5 Moments When You Realize You’re Truly Living in China

After living in China for a while, you experience a moment when you pause in disbelief at where you are and what you’re doing. If there’s one thing China’s good at, it’s pushing you outside your comfort zone. Sometimes you get surprised at how far away from that zone you’ve come.
We asked our followers when you realized you were truly living in China. Here are the some moments you said made you think “yep, I’m really here.”
Navigating the Dinner Table

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Ready to sit down for a meal at a Chinese restaurant? Prepare to wash your dishes in warm tea water (especially in the south), whip out your chopsticks skills, and, if you’re drinking, to constantly clink glasses with your tablemates. Eating together is a ritual, and the Chinese version is very different from the traditions back home.
Picking Up New Quirks


We expats love our iced drinks, but many of us have turned into hot water converts. If you’ve unwittingly begun carrying around a bottle of warm water (bonus points if it’s got tea leaves), biking everywhere, or getting waiters’ attention with a firmly shouted “LAOBAN”/”FUWUYUAN,” you’ve definitely gotten the hang of some local habits.
Slumbering Chinese Style


Ever try to get in touch with your colleagues between noon and 2pm? Good luck – it’s naptime, and you’re better off catching some z’s before work picks up again later in the afternoon. Sleeping in the office is nice, but sleeping at home may not be as comfortable. Mattresses in China are harder than many of us are used to. Bonus points if you’ve ever slept on a bamboo mat.
Getting the Hang of Your House

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Swimming Through The Sea of People

Renting an apartment in China? Chances are you’ve adopted the shoes-off household rule that’s so common here. You might have an ayi, but you definitely don’t have a clothes dryer or an oven. Even in your own space, you start to do things a little differently. It isn’t what you’re used to, but in a way, it also feels like home.


China is a country with a population of 1.4 billion. Chances are good that you’ll encounter crowds here to a scale you never could’ve imagined in your home country. They’re on the streets, the subways, the elevators, the shopping malls – a quiet minute is hard to come by. Nothing says “China” more than the sheer number of people here.
Well, talking about the sea of people, there is another moment when you find yourself in China and you will just love it: Golden Week and a Music Festival on Oct.1st!
Jungle Electronic Music Festival is the biggest outdoor music festival in Shenzhen during October Golden Week Holiday. There will be over ten thousand people gathering to join the party in the rave scene. You will be expecting a huge, pure and life-lifting rave experience with the world best-known DJs and abundant recreational areas. Want to join us for an incredible rave journey under the spirit of P.L.U.R (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)? Welcome to the jungle!

Oct.1,2015Ban’an Stadium3021
Yu’an 1st rd, Bao’an District, Shenzhen
1.Shenzhen Metro Luo Bao Line Bao’an Stadium Station Exit D
2.Bus:B632,B828,M350,M375,M377,M470, M4733.Airport: Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX)

1.The fabulous stage.

We team up with the best production company to present the biggest EDM stage in South China region. You will see light that is brighter then the sun; music that is louder then the crowd; love that is perfectly spread all over the raver community.

2.Bao’an Stadium

Bao’an Stadium is the landmark of Bao’an Center District in Shenzhen. It was built on the concept of Bamboo to express the ideal of sustainable life. Jungle Electronic Music Festival shares a similar sustainable idea in keeping the positive energy that bring people happiness.

3.VIP Ultimate ExperienceVIP area
includes the VIP ticket and VVIP table service. Our VIP provides advantage service in fast check in; fast pass to individual VIP area and the front stage area. Also, there will be special food order that is provide by Shark restaurant. VVIP table service includes a private sitting area access to 10 people at least per table; VVIP package in drinks and ultimate view on a higher stand.

4.Food Court and Bars
With 8 hours party, we are prepared to serve you with abundant choices of food and snacks. The prices of food will be absolutely acceptable with a higher stander of quality. Alcohol bars will be on the site. Treat your body well and dance hard!

5.Company Exhibition Area
This area is for companies to promote their products and interact with people on their brand. Therefore, you can not only get in touch with great products, but also free samples!

6.Creative Market
Creative Market provides attendees with different choices of items that may become your next pocket favorites! Be ready to explore our surprisingly creative market that can totally lift your Jungle Music Festival experience up!

7.Entertainment Crew
We present to you the best entertainment production from one of the world largest EDM legend EDC! Our entertainment crew is directed by the head of the EDC entertainment department to ensure the quality of the performance.

8.DJ Lineup
It is our honor to announce the DJ lineup of Jungle Electronic Music Festival! We have invited 3 world top 100 DJs and 5 top liners to guarantee the ultimate rave experience for everyone!