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The 10 China Travel Survival Tips

China is a strange land for many people and every traveler should do some homework before visiting the country. Here we summarize some tips when traveling in China. However, if you look at the cultural gap from a different view, you may find a whole new world in front of you.

1. Survive a sandstorm: Camera bag and lens cap is a must.

sand storm north china 2011

In order to get the best photos in China, you must prepare a camera bag and lens cap before departure. Beijing and other parts of northern China often see very severe dust storms in the spring, and this will damage your camera equipment very badly, so taking cheap but passable quality protective articles is necessary.

2. You have nothing to fear when Chinese speak loudly.

chinese speak loudly in restaurant

Chinese people often speak loudly and talk passionately in public and foreigners probably thought it was a quarrel. Actually this is a common scene in many places such as restaurant and train station, there is no need to be nervous.

3. Have questions? Ask high school students.

foreigners ask directions

When you want to ask questions or seek help from locals please find high school students. Generally there is a high probability that people under the age of 25 can speak Mandarin and English. For those who have studied English for years but still can not understand what you are saying, you can write the words to communicate with them.

4. Travel security is the most important thing.

security in china

In terms of security, there is no need to worry about it at all. For female tourists, individual tourists and family visitors, China is the safest country in the world.

5. Fast photo with Polaroid camera is a good gift.

Polaroid foreigners

It is the best if you gift can make people feel happy. When visiting rural areas in China and you may want to send gifts to local people who have helped you but do not know what to send. At this time, if you take a picture with Polaroid camera and give them as gifts, they will be very happy.

6. Be sure to carry toilet paper with you wherever you go.

toilet paper

Most China’s public toilets do not provide toilet paper or paper has been used up. Do not forget to bring your own toilet paper in your bag.

7. White rice is often served last in restaurant.

white rice

When having meal in a Chinese restaurant, the possibility of serving white rice and other dishes together is almost zero. You will have your rice often when you eat a large percent of your dishes. So when you want to eat white rice please clearly tell the waiter: “Please serve rice immediately”.

8. Try to avoid “Chinese breakfast” and prepare it yourself.


Chinese restaurants mostly provide breakfast food which is more in line with local tastes. Kids and very picky people may can not stand it. It is better to prepare some of your favorite snacks and milk.

9. Figure out what to use: banknotes or coins?

The back of 1 Yuan RMB (The fourth set RMB)

Tourists need to adapt to money use habits of different regions of the country. Shanghai taxi drivers prefer to collect coins, but the people of the western and northern China prefer usingpaper notes.

10. It is common for several persons to stay in one hotel room.

Qinghai Sangzhu International Youth Hostel

Four persons stay in one hotel room a very natural. In China’s hotel there is no “one bed one person” regulation. Many travelers often take children with them. For a family tour, you can reduce accommodation fee drastically by staying in one room. Four people do not need to book two rooms, double room with two big beds is enough.