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Au Pair to China, cities review: Shenzhen

Many of au pairs who are wishing to go to China actually have no Chinese geographic sense. China is a big country, composes of hundreds of cities. In this series we will introduce you several popular cities for au pairs. Shenzhen is located in the southern portion of the Guangdong Province, on the eastern shore of the Pearl River Delta. Neighboring the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong. In 1980, the first Special Economic Zone of China was built in this city. From then on, the city become a highlight of China, one known for its rapid economic growth. shenzhen au pairWhile the city does not have as many historical attractions as other famous cities in China, it has created a number of excellent theme parks which entertain while teaching visitors about China and the world. Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages introduce visitors to China's long history and varied cultures, while Window of the World will take you to every corner of the world in one day. Additionally, if you want to make your stay even more luxurious, visit Happy Valley, the largest of the theme parks in the city, situated on a picturesque coastline. More attractions are: Dameisha & Xiaomeisha Scenic Area, Meridian View Center, Minsk World, Overseas Chinese Town East, Shenzhen Safari Park, Xiaomeisha Sea World and Xili Lake Holiday Resort.  Come enjoy the coastal view, the theme parks, the city, and especially the local people.Here we put several useful link for you to explore more about Shenzhen:Shenzhen Travel GuideShenzhen GovernmentShenzhen Train guideIt seems Shenzhen is one of the most popular cities for au pair’s destination in China cause of its modernization and advance among all Chinese cities. Though we would point out some benefits and drawbacks the au pair may face when you are in Shenzhen.Benefits:

  1. Costal city with the great afforestation,
  2. Multiple theme parks
  3. Advance of internationalization, with nearly all bilingual signs in the city
  4. Smaller city landscape than other main Chinese cities (You can travel to anywhere in Shenzhen almost within an hour)
  1. Less history and tourists’ spots (Though Shenzhen is the transportation hub in Zhujiang center, you can travel to Guangzhou, Foshan, Hong Kong and other cities within an hour, just by subway or train)
  2. Less school choices (fewer universities and mandarin schools than other cities but still have good choices)
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