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As one of the most important traditional festivals of the Chinese people, the Spring Festival has been popular since ancient times. Many people regard the Spring Festival as the most important festival and the best wishes for the New Year. 春节作为中国人最为重要的传统节日之一,自古便广为流行,很多人都将春节视作最为重要的节日与对新年最美好的祝福。

This year is the Spring Festival of the 2019 Lunar Year of the Pig, and many Au Pairs from different countries have also had an unforgettable Spring Festival. Let’s take a look at their feelings about the Chinese New Year.今年是2019年农历猪年春节,许多来自不同国家的互惠生也度过了一个难忘的春节。下面就让我们来看看他们对中国春节的感受吧。


Andrea au pair in Chengdu(from Bolivia)

It is the first time I experienced the Chinese New Year and was a very cozy experience, the family environment makes you feel part of the culture, all the festivity is very interesting, not only for food and the off-days you have It’s also for the tradition to of let behid you the bad thoughts and welcome a new year with all the best energies that you can have and feel the need to renew, but I cant forget the delicious food, varied homemake delicious food, all the family sharing a great moment, exchanging 红包, singing songs and watching the special programming on television makes you feel that you are at home, whitout doubts I can say that It was one of the best experience that I lived.这是我第一次体验中国新年,是一种非常舒适的体验,家庭环境让你感受到文化的一部分,所有的节日都非常有趣,不仅仅是因为食物和你的假期,它也是除旧迎新的传统,欢迎新的一年,你可以拥有所有最好的能量,并感到需要继续,但我不能忘记美味的食物,各种家庭自制的美味食物,所有的家庭分享一个很棒的一刻,发红包,唱歌,看电视上的特别节目,让你觉得你在家一样,毋庸置疑我能说这是我生活中最好的体验之一。


Stefan au pair in Shanghai(from Serbia)

He used his photos to share his feelings about the Chinese New Year.


Gemma au pair in Beijing(from Mexico)

I just can say I felt happy because I know it was an important festival where chinese people that are far from home can meet up with their families again and spend time together. I expected to see a big parade with people dancing or wearing pig costumes, but it wasn’t like that . I liked to see red color everywhere, chinese lamps, couplets and fish on windows and doors, it looked very nice.我感到高兴,因为我知道这是一个重要的节日,远离家乡的中国人可以再次与家人见面,共度时光。我期待看到人们跳舞或穿着小猪服装的大游行,但事实并非如此。我喜欢到处都看到红色,中国灯,对联和门窗上的鱼,它看起来非常好看。


Filip au pair in Chengdu(from Serbia)

We were on vacation in Hainan. We had a modest dinner in our apartment there and then go to bed early. 我们在海南度假,我们在那里的公寓吃了一顿晚餐,然后很早就去休息了。


Zeljana au pair in Shenzhen(from Croatia)

During the Spring festival in China, family and me traveled to their hometown and replaced busy streets of the big city with relaxing countryside atmosphere for 12 days. I had opportunity to experience how people in Chinese village live, prepare homemade food and participate in making of my favorite ‘bao zi’. Family took me to one of the Buddha temples, which was on my ‘to do list’ while in China. We went hiking in the mountain and went to pick strawberries in the farm.I also attended Chinese wedding ceremony in the house. Kids finally had time to play and take a rest from the school. For the new year’s day everybody gathered around the table and enjoyed their dinner while sipping the wine. I joined the kids while singing ‘gong xi fa cai, hong bao na lai’ and it worked out, I got my first chinese red envelope . Only bad side of the festival are firecrackers, which you could hear cracking for few days after and it was hard to sleep. Chinese New Year was the reason for me to visit China particularly in this period of the year, and it didn’t disappoint. News all around the world always show fireworks from big Chinese cities, but for me it was better to have peaceful and lovely dinner with family.


Hannah au pair in Shanghai(from Germany)

So, one of the great things that I was allowed to experience during my stay in China was Chinese New Year. A few things about this event:  Everyone goes home, so almost every shop closes, you should probably wear something red when attending events and make yourself ready to meet a lot of new people. My family went to Xiamen for a few weeks to visit their families and so we spent the 4th of February in the Grandmother’s house after eating dinner with relatives and watched the new years eve programm. Which consists of sketches, really cool dance performances and even Jackie Chan made an appearance as a singer. During the evening, all the men needed to jump over a fire to get rid of any bad energy. 所以,我在中国期间可以体验的一件大事就是中国新年。关于这个事件的一些事情:每个人都回家,所以几乎每个商店都关闭,你应该在参加活动时穿一些红色的东西,并准备好迎接很多新的人。我的家人去了厦门几个星期来探望他们的家人,所以我们在与亲戚共进晚餐后,于2月4日在祖母的家中度过,并观看了新年前夕的节目。其中包括绘画,非常酷的舞蹈表演,甚至成龙作为歌手出场。在晚上,所有的男人都需要围着火跳来摆脱任何不好的事情。

The next day we went to three temples, burning small, red paper rolls that we made the evening before. That was also the first time that I heared the traditional firework, which isn’t about color, but about being very, very loud.第二天,我们去了三个寺庙,烧着我们前一天晚上做的小纸卷。这也是我第一次听到传统的烟花,这不是关于颜色的,而是非常非常响亮。

On the 6th we went to visit the mother’s family in an nearby town.6日,我们去了附近城镇的家庭的母亲家。

Yes, Chinese New Year for me consisted of a lot of driving around and eating. And it was amazing. It’s all about family and coming together. And if you’re lucky, somebody might pass you a red envelope with a little surprise in it. Because you’re basically family.是的,对我来说,春节包括很多开车和吃饭。这太棒了。这完全是关于家庭和聚会的。如果你很幸运,有人可能会给你一个带有一点惊喜的红包。因为你基本上是一家人。


Nina au pair in Shanghai(from Serbia)

For Spring Festival I went with my family to Sanya. We stayed there one month. For CNY we went to restaurant with a lot of friends. We were all drinking and celebrating. They told me story about tradition for CNY. I really like Chinese history. My favorite part is story about monster coming for spring festival. I also got a red pocket for NY. It will bring me good luck.春节我和家人一起去了三亚。 我们在那里住了一个月。中国新年的时候,我们和很多朋友去了餐厅。我们都喝酒庆祝。 他们告诉我有关中国新年传统的故事。我非常喜欢中国历史。我最喜欢的部分是关于春节来临的怪物的故事。新年我还收到了一个红包。它会给我带来好运。

We hope that more au pairs will come to China to spend an unforgettable time with Chinese families.